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Cavendish and Harvey Drops - Mixed fruit

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Cavendish and Harvey Drops - Mixed fruit  

Cavendish and Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops is a lovely blend of fine lemon, cherry, blackberry, orange and pear flavours combined to bring your taste buds to life. Made with real fruit juice, dusted with icing sugar and sealed in a premium gold tin for the highest quality freshness. Made in Germany.

Cavendish and Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops Ingredients

Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice concentrates 1%* (orange, lemon, cherry, pear, blackberry), acid: citric acid; colouring plant extracts (yellow carrot, black carrot, beetroot), natural flavourings.
*corresponds to 5% fruit juice. May contain traces of milk.

Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian.