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Sour Lemon

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Sour Lemon - Twice as sour as a Warhead 

Super sour with a coating that lasts for a decent 20 seconds. These Mega Sours do not disappoint when it comes to expecting the sour to be really sour. Your jaw muscles tighten and your face may go red and bring tears to your eyes for a few second from the intensity!

Sour Lemon Ingredients

Sugar, Glucose (Maize), Food Acid (330, 296, 334), Bicarbonate of Soda, Flavour, colour (102).

May contain traces milk, soy, peanuts, honey and tree nuts

Gluten Free

CAUTION: Excessive Consumption Within a Brief Time Period May Cause Temporary Mouth and/or Stomach Irritation. Contains Colours That May Have an Adverse Effect on the Activity and Attention in Children. Not Suitable for Children Under 8 Years of Age.

Customer Reviews

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Holly Campbell
Eye watering goodness!!!

I am suffering a medical condition where treatment requires sour lemon drops to ensure salivation!

These bad boys make your eyes water and your life flash before you!!! Aside from being extremely sour they do have a lovely after taste if you can handle the heat !!!!