TNT Sour Straps Multicolour

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TNT Sour Straps Multicolour - Sweet and Sour tangy straps

TNT Rainbow Sour Straps are a tongue-tingling tangy strap. These delicious ribbons with a sour tang are lip-smackingly good. The delicious snap of sour will set your mouth watering and set your tastebuds alight. Whether you are looking for a quick sweet treat or a burst of flavour in your sugary snack, rainbow stripes can offer metres and metres of brightly coloured delight.

TNT Sour Straps Multicolour Ingredients: 

sugar, wheat flour, glucose fructose syrup, dextrose, malic acid, palm oil, artificial flavours, citric acid, ascorbic acid & D-tocopherol (antioxidants), turmeric extract for colour, Allura red 40 and brilliant blue 1 (artificial colours)